Yagya Programs

The most important aspect of Vedic Science is Yagya. Yagya is Vedic engineering, which works on the subtle level of consciousness. A Yagya, performed on the level of pure consciousness, benefits the individuals and helps to bring fulfillment in life.

Jyotish diagnoses and analyses the problems, hurdles, sorrow, and sufferings in human life, whereas Yagyas are the solutions to minimize these unwanted problems, ward off the danger from life and helps to maximize happiness .

The quality of a yagya is very important for a positive result. Therefore, yagyas in our institute are only performed by highly educated pandits, and many of them worked for years for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

How to order a yagya?

Please email us at vedic1@vedic-astrology.eu



What is a Yagya?

A yagya is the chanting of Vedic mantras (sounds) by traditional Vedic Pandits. It’s a counteraction against negative karma and it creates positive karma for the future.”Our present destiny is shaped by our past actions and our present actions will determine our future destiny.”– Vedic Literature –.



Find the right Yagya!

The basis to find out the right Yagya for you is your birth chart. Thanks to this and the science of Vedic astrology (Jyotish), a traditional Vedic astrologer (Jyotishi) is able to forecast future events you might want to avoid. Regarding your chart he is able to prepare a professional yagya recommendation, in which he can also include your personal wishes.

Certain weak areas in your life can be improved or strengthend by the right planetary yagyas and personal wishes can become fulfilled by performing special intention yagyas.



Due to an old family tradition of Vedic astrologers and thanks to a lot of experiences, Pandit Sati is an expert in choosing the most beneficial yagya for you. (Yagya recommendations are free, if you decide to order a Yagya.) A complete chart reading before a yagya is helpful to find out your exact needs and wishes and it allows you and Pandit Sati to get to know each other.

As soon as Pandit Sati has received your birth data (exact time and place of birth), which you can send him with the prepared form, he can create your personal astrological chart and determine which planetary influences are weak or negative. Taking your personal wishes into consideration he will recommend special intention yagyas as well as planetary yagyas for reducing difficult karma.


The list of yagyas below can help you to find out, what’s important for you at the moment. Nevertheless Pandit Sati’s recommendations of yaygas should be preferred.


List of special yagyas and muhurthas:


1. Navagraha shanti for favorable planetary influence
2. Nakshatra shanti
3. Fulfillment of desires
4. Unfoldment of life
5. Happiness and success in life
6. General progress in life
7. Getting inner and outer fulfilment
8. Getting knowledge
9. Fast recovery from danger and illness
10. Support and improvement of health
11. Removing of obstacles
12. Spiritual progress
13. Getting wealth and Improvement of wealth
14. Success in new undertakings
15. Success in legal cases
16. Clear intellect
17. Peace of mind
18. Improvement of memory
19. Finding a suitable job
20. Finding a suitable husband
21. Finding a suitable wife
22. Getting children
23. Harmony in marital life
24. Improvement of physical and mental energy
25. Good education
26. Social recognition
27. Peaceful sleep
28. Removing of fear
29. Improvement of eye-sight and skin problems
30. General happiness
31. Improvement of good fortune
32. Vastushanti for happiness in house and home


Yagya categories


1. Planetary Yagyas
The performance of a planetary yagya creates positive influence from a specific planet. (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu). Planetary Yagyas neutralize negative and strengthen positive influence from the lords of the dashas or transits. Dashas are certain time periods in a person’s life, which are ruled by certain planets. Great support of nature can be reached.

2. Birthday Yagyas
This yagya is performed on and around your birthday. It brings general progress for the upcoming year. (500 €)

3. Daily Yagyas
This yagya has the aim to protect you from negative influences on this special day. It will bring general happiness for you and your family. (125 €)

4. Special Intention Yagyas
Together with planetary yagyas a special intention yagyas can help you to fulfill personal wishes in life.



How does a yagya function?

Yagya is mathematically programming which neutralizes any negative influence in future. The process of transformation is called Yagya because we can remove the obstacles of the future life in advance through the analysis of chart by the knowledge of Jyotish performing suitable Yagays according to need.

The Yagyas are performed according to Vedic tradition. The liberation of Mantra brings purity to the mind. The Yagyas are recommended to maintain orderliness in life to be in tune with the laws of nature.

The Yagyas enlivens the laws of nature at the most subtle, all pervading level of consciousness, the level of infinite co-relation, where everything is connected with everything else. It is this reality that makes Yagyas effective.

The Yagyas are Vedic engineering, which can bring more success and prosperity to good periods of life. This is technology to handle the future in the present to create maximum happiness and success in life.

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